Roland began producing and writing music as a typical rebellious teen in suburbia trying to find some meaning to things, and was thus drawn to all sounds underground, unusual and anything leftfield. Starting out with humble 4 track Tascam tape machines in the 80′s, moving to ADAT, then into DAW recording systems, the evolution has been quick! TV, film, and multimedia music production has been moving forward over the last decade for DZ, with clients such as CBC, Radio Canada, Bravo, Rogers, and Ottawa University. The next goal is more doc, series, and feature film placement.

A music lover since birth, Roland became immersed in 80′s alt sounds (The Cure, New Order, Depeche Mode, Love+Rockets) and was hooked! In 1996 he moved into more trippy, “beautiful noise” sounds with ambient band Venus Swirls, equal parts My Bloody Valentine, Cocteau Twins, and Curve. The band was around between 1995-97, and consisted of Roland on guitars/synth, Lee Garbutt on djembe, and Nathalie Mineault on vocals. Many ear-splitting shows, two demo tapes, and a handful of compilation tracks later, the group dissolved.

Things got a little more serious when Liquified was born in 1999 – techno, rave culture and drum n bass had taken over and this formed the basis for Liquified, which produced “13 Methods of Hallucination” that year, released on World Domination Records. Several small Canadian tours and festival shows took off that year, the album did quite well as a leader of these sounds in Canada at the time. The lineup consisted of Roland on synths, Mike Bann on bass, and Gillian Holland on vocals.Version 2.0 of Liquified kept rolling into 2000/2001 with the CD “Maintainin’ “, and again a hectic schedule of shows, festivals and #1 campus chart success followed. The lineup was Roland on synths, Nicky Brodie vox, Sacha Gabriel vox, Stu Watkins bass, and Ian Swain turntables. By this point things had run their course, and the financial strains of keeping a live electronic band going proved impossible. Roland kept the Liquified name and explored dj-ing in addition to his production work, which led to a 12″ vinyl remix of the Cures “Same Deep Water As You”, released on Bonzai Records, 2005.

Something interesting happened around that period-call it nostalgia, or just missing playing actual instruments in a charged, chaotic live situation. Roland started Politique, a perfect blend of the old (synth pop) and fresh, indie sounds. After a long search for a dynamic lineup, it came together with Roland synths, Mallory Giles vox, Etienne Sylvain drums, and Rich Bennett guitar. The band produced two CDs, “Politique” in 2008, and “Secret Shock” in 2010 – both CDs hit #1 positions on campus radio and yielded several singles. Live,  Politique had the honor of playing with amazing artists as M83 at Bluesfest,  Small Sins, and probably 1000 other Canadian indie bands – it was a blast!  The “Aftershock” remix EP was released and pointed the way to where Roland wanted to head back to – minimal, tech / electro sounds and big beats with no apologies! Which leads to where Lotropic is going, into the future.

Rolands current project is Violentene featuring prolific Brooklyn vocalist Dani Mari. A massive sounding nugaze – post punk – dreampop blend, driven by Fender bass VI melodies and angular guitar lines. Danis sweet, trippy, almost fragile vocals are the perfect match for Violentene.