New interview “Its Midnight Somewhere” podcast!

Check out the new Violentene interview with DJ Misstress McCutchan and The Wasteland here:

Creating, rehearsals

Its hard to conceive its been almost 6 months since the release of “Otherworld”!! Incredibly grateful and blown away by all the positive feedback, reviews, and orders/streams of the EP, its really an honor for us – and really the creation end never really stops. Writing new material now and getting rehearsals underway to get out and play LIVE, finally!

Something that has always been a goal for Violentene, and we cant wait to share the stage very soon!!


“Otherworld” EP out now!

Its with pleasure we present the new Violentene EP “Otherworld” – available on Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music and all other digital outlets!

xoxo Roland + Mvrijo

This Friday!!