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March 19, 2013


Lotropic – Analog vs. Architecture

JW Player
  • 1. Love Action (Human League, Lotropic rework)
  • 2. I Dream Of Rain (featuring VIVI)
  • 3. My Kind Of Fire
  • 4. 80s Grrrl
  • 5. Space Fraudity
  • 6. Eastern Love
  • 7. Randomizer
  • 8. Weirdo
  • 9. This is Analog
  • 10. I Dream Of Rain (dub)

Analog sound is warm, big and organic. Architecture can be functional, beautiful, but in this modern age, cold and inhuman somehow... Herein lies the dichotomy of this new album from Canada's LOTROPIC. Featuring vocals by Paris-based Vivi on "Love Action", a banging rework of the Human League classic, the new album never lets up. Created entirely on vintage synths and drum machines, the lines between electro, tech house and EDM are all blurred, resulting in the most honest electronic release Roland has done. The new album brings together all that Roland ever loved in electro. In a fractured scene so regimented in styles and tied to BPMs, there was a healthy dose of "screw it, I'm just going to do what feels good" attitude on this release!