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  • 1. Old War, Cold War
  • 2. Issue 1
  • 3. Beat The Retreat
  • 5. Fragility Is Not Frailty
  • 6. Drifter
  • 7. Headlines
  • 8. Hidden Between Books
  • 9. Young, Fast, Stupid
  • 10. She Makes My Mind Smile

A sordid love-triangle of bittersweet indie, synth punk and electro conspire to wrap you up in Politique’s debut album! With respectful nods to the past and wide-eyed optimism to the future in songs like "Drifter", "She Makes My Mind Smile" to the sexed up electro-nihilism of "Old War, Cold War", the ironic, jangly guitar pop of "Young, Fast, Stupid", this definitely is not your daddys nu wave! The focus of “Politique” was pure pop bliss - quick, in your face melodies, indie energy without too much gloss, and dance punk rawness. Roland started band in 2006 - previously playing synth and producing with Liquified, an electro project that used to tour as a live PA.