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March 24, 2017


Nugaze has a fresh, northern look in the shape of Canada's Violentene. Born in 2016, producer Roland Marckwort put aside his synth stash from Lotropic in favor of lush, swirling melodies written on a Fender Bass VI for its distinct timbre and tone... Collaborating with Brooklyn vocalist/songwriter Dani Mari brought the project to fruition - a perfect combination of shimmering, angular 80's alternative and Danis sweet, earthy and soulful ethereal voice. Songs were originally written as an homage/extension of the emotion in the Cures immortal "Disintigration" album and 90s shoegazers Slowdive and Curve, but interestingly a whole new voice was born from these common vibes in the "Denial" EP. Roland is a veteran musician/producer and was leader of past electro bands Liquified, Politique, and Lotropic. Dani is founder of the Female Frequency collective, and collaborator with scores of artists including I Am Snowangel, Owl+Wolf, and Brooklyn Shanti.

Violentene – Denial

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  • Denial
  • Dirty Eyes
  • Rip Me Out
  • Breathe Slow