Violentene EP review – Fadeawayradiate blog


There is just something about this new age of indie that completely enraptures me. We have access to some much, we can post the things that we are working on independently, we can make quality sounding tracks at home. This opens up so much…The ability to get instant feedback, the ability to learn and grow.

Recently there have been a lot of critics who state this a bad thing. I don’t argee. Case in point, this lovely submission from Canadian band Violentene; while something about it feels like it’s not fully developed; what’s there is full of potential and is completely worth listening to.

The intro should probably be it’s own track but it’s a lovely introduction to the EP with slow swelling synthesizers and guitar harmonics. You get the perfect balance of affecting reverb, setting you up for what you were about to hear; an amalgamation of all things dreampop. At about the two minute mark “Breathe slow” kicks into the meat and potatoes of the song and it’s everything a good introduction single should be. The track isn’t too long, it doesn’t try to do too much, and it shows off the lyrics and vocals. It pays homage to the sound that it’s going for and piques the listener’s interest without being too derivative and sets the tone for the rest of the EP.

Denial” has a very 4AD sound, with a delicious early “Gutherie” sounding guitar hook, breathy vocals full of “Ooohhs and Ahhhs”, and a slow build that leads to chord changes and a faster tempo near the end of the track. Some may argue that it’s trying to hard to imitate but when it’s done this well; Who cares? It’s lovely and hit all the marks. I honestly can’t stop listening to this track.

Dirty Eyes” has a lot of promise. It’s got great hooks and good lyrics. However, there is just something a bit off about the mix. Perhaps it’s the effect that was chosen on the vocal or the way things are layered. The track it’s still very enjoyable. It just could use a little bit of the fine-tooth comb that could come come with working through it just a little bit more.

The last track “Rip me out” might be my favorite of the bunch, though this is another track that just seems like something is missing. Strangely, this adds to part of the song’s charm. It leads to so many possibilities and completely captures the listener. I honestly would like to see this track get a little more of a dark synth pop a’la Cold Cave. With every repeat listen I hear something new that could lead to more.

I can’t wait to see what’s come in the future from this band. This is perfect starting point, showing lots of promise while still being complete in it’s current state. While this release overall is good, pieces of it are fully great.