Violentene “Delusions” single out now!

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Welcome Mvrijo!

Violentene has a new voice, please give a warm welcome to MVRIJO!! You’ll be hearing MVRIJOs lovely, moody and melodic vocals all over the upcoming 2021 release we are currently mixing!

Stay tuned…


Hey!! Yes, its been a long tough road for all creatives (and everyone) since Covid struck almost a year ago, but we are here and going strong!

Busy writing and recording the next album, and almost ready to introduce a new face/voice into the Violentene fold – news coming soon on that!

Keep safe,

xoxo Roland

Violentene NEW EP – “Phantom Youth” drops soon!!

Dani and I are extremely happy to announce the masters are back, and the new Violentene EP “Phantom Youth” will be dropping soon!!

Aiming for a first single release, “Frozen Heart” late May 2019. Its been a long, deep journey since our first EP in 2017 – so many emotions, life changes and challenges, and rethinking/rewriting happened in the interim. Now the time is right to unveil some new fresh sounds and a more synth – darkwave vibe meets ethereal elements.

Details soon!!