Violentene+Dani Mari!

Excited to announce my collaboration with Brooklyn NY vocalist Dani Mari! Dani has been working her magic on the Violentene tracks and the mixes are sounding AMAZING. She is a super busy artist working on many a project – you can check out all her work on

We expect to release our first single “Denial” February 2017.



Hey!! Its been AGES, time for some news – gotta find some time to revamp the site, but more important;y, I’ve been busy writing about 12 new tracks for a shoegaze/dreampop/ambient project called Violentene… driven by swirling Fender Bass VI melodies and lush ambience, and a soon to be announced vocal collaborator with a stunning voice, this is gonna sound HUGE



Lotropic & Politique releases now on Bandcamp!

Having dropped iTunes as a release method a while back, past and future releases from LOTROPIC will be here on Bandcamp:


As well, the 2 albums from defunct Politique will be available as well:



Whats up

Its been a while since I posted any news or tracks! Life has been taking over, and music took a back seat…

Just mastered a new one called “Heartbeat”, hope you enjoy!! Posting it in the next few days.